Message from C.E.O.

Ailop has been gaining great confidence and reputation since 1951 as a unique company responding to the needs of packaging and logistics which is changing rapidly with the times.

In the recent ecological society, it is important to save energy and recycle resources for every industry, and consequently 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) has been required in our industry without exception.

Ailop has been working on this theme positively such as packaging design with materials less environmental load and proceeding the returnable system with the maintenance of used containers, and contributing to the environment by offering total services.

To meet the needs of the global society, we have operations in the costal area of China such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, and Bangkok in Thailand, offering the services in the same quality as in Japan.

We remain more dedicated to enhance the quality of our technology and services to satisfy all our customers.

Yoshihiro Yoneda C.E.O

Yoshihiro Yoneda C.E.O